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Laser Tattoo Removal

Q Switched, the world’s first aesthetic picosecond laser at Feather Beauty  in Richmond hill.

Q Switched can remove all-colours of tattoo with a high degree of safety for every patient. Q Switched is a non-ablative technology that delivers the same dramatic results of ablative procedures, with none of the associated redness, burns or downtime. Because of its targeted action, fewer treatments are required. As laser light is absorbed, it is quickly converted to heat. The laser beam will be directed onto the tattoo, as the pulsed light penetrates the skin’s epidermal surface through to the inner dermis. The tattoo ink will absorb the energy from the laser and heat up.

Once this energy is absorbed, the ink will fragment into extremely small particles before being carried away by the lymphatic system. There is minimal risk of scarring or skin damage with laser tattoo removal, as the laser targets only the tattoo dye itself.

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